The Life Changing Magic of Decluttering


This step by step video guide will teach you all the skills you need to start decluttering your life.

Topics covered:

1.The Danger of Cluttered Living
2.You Can Do Something About Clutter
3.Get Clear
4.Start With What You Can See
5.Get Rid of Emotional Clutter
6.Get Rid of Psychological Clutter
7.Get Rid of Career Clutter
8.Learn To Enjoy More With Less
9.Learn The Art Of Contentment


10 Signs You Need to Reboot Your Life and Start Decluttering

If you are in any way unhappy with any part of your life, you have to understand that you can’t just take all of this sitting down. You really can’t. If you feel that things are just going to blow over and things will change, guess what will happen? That’s right, your lack of contentment, lack of direction, and a general sense of unease will continue.

At first, you probably won’t have much trouble dealing with this. Everything else is going okay, so you really don’t hassle with the parts of your life that you’re just not happy with. But as time goes on, these get worse and worse and they tend to infect other areas of your life.

If you are not very happy with the person you see in the mirror, your relationships start to suffer. You start becoming more insecure. You start living life like you’re just going through the motions.

A lot of the things that used to excite you start seeming numb or routine. A lot of the things that you used to look forward to become very boring and you feel that eventually, they’re meaningless.

These are not random symptoms that everybody feels. While we do have some of these feelings sometimes, this doesn’t mean that you can just blow them off. You have to live your life. Take ownership of it, and don’t just assume that since everybody else is going through these at some point in their lives then I must be okay.

Well, you’re more than welcome to think that way, but let me tell you, if you truly want to live your life to the fullest, you have to step up. You have to call a spade a spade and understand that nothing is going to change in your life until and unless you take responsibility.

If you’re still unclear about your need to make significant changes to become a happier, more complete, and more effective person, here are 10 signs that you need to be on the lookout for. These 10 signs indicate that you need to reboot your life, otherwise, things are going to get worse and worse and worse.

There are lots of people with a tremendous amount of potential, with a lot of love to give, with a lot of skill to contribute to society, who live a life far below their potential. They really do. In fact, it can get so bad that they are walking around in mental prisons. In their minds, there are just so many things and so many possibilities that are just shut out to them because somehow, in some way, they have lost their way.

A lot of the early excitement, all that sense of adventure, and the tremendous sense of possibility that used to greet them when they woke up every day went up in smoke a long time ago. Now, every day seems like some sort of numb, meaningless ritual. They’re just going through the motions.

Do you often find yourself waking up in the morning and turning over and wanting to go back to sleep? or do you find yourself about to sleep at night kind of dreading or worrying about what will take place the next morning?

Are you feel somewhat disappointed that when you wake up tomorrow it will be the exact same day like today? And that whatever frustrations you have today will basically just carry over to the next day? Do you feel that there’s really not much to look forward to?

If any of this applies to you, keep reading. There is a solution. It might seem simplistic, but it goes a long way in clearing up tremendous internal obstacles that make you either fearful of or apathetic to what can happen tomorrow.

Do you come across new ideas and opportunities, but you almost always never take them? Does it seem like you stumble upon great ideas, but you feel that they’re probably not going to pan out? Well, a big reason for this is you feel that you have a lot more to lose than you can gain.

There are a lot of things that you could be doing right now. There are a lot of opportunities you can be investing your time, effort, and money in, but in the back of your head, you’re always thinking of how much it would cost you and how much you stand to lose if things don’t go well. You’re always looking at the downside.

Does this sound familiar? Well, if any of this makes sense to you, please understand that you are stuck in a downward spiral. The fewer risks you take, the more fearful you are of taking further risks in the future. You actually get worse and worse. You get more and more accustomed to shying away from any kind of possibility of loss.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell this you, but life is a risk. It may seem that there are a lot of things that are “sure things” in your life, but those are just illusions. You can get hit by a bus crossing the street. You can be stopped at a signal and somebody might plough into the back of your car and kill you instantly.

Life, by definition, is very risky. Thankfully, there is one simple thing you can do to free yourself from this almost crippling obsession with the downside. Keep reading.

Do you often find yourself worrying about the things that you need to do today? Maybe you’re thinking about your to-do list. Maybe you’re thinking about the list of meetings and work assignments that you have to deal with tomorrow. But instead of thinking about their details, you think about making a million dollars, going on expensive vacations, or starting a successful business.

Now, these are not bad in and of themselves, but when you think about these alternative realities for yourself, you don’t focus on how you can get from your life now to that distinct possibility. You don’t trace your steps, you don’t look at the goals you need to set, and you don’t focus on the plans that you need to execute.

Instead, you focus on how it feels to be rich. You obsess about the sense of freedom that you get when you don’t have to worry about money. You’re just beside yourself savouring the tremendous emotional intensity of feeling successful, worthwhile, and attractive because you have realized all your dreams.

Please understand that daydreaming, in and of itself, is not a bad thing if it is tied to goal setting. But if you’re just daydreaming to get that emotional rush that you experience, what you’re doing is you are just escaping all your personal frustrations.

You run this mental movie of what your life could be if things were different to get that emotional rush. This numbs you from having to deal with your problems today.

What you’re doing, I’m sorry to say, is not much different from taking drugs. You get a nice emotional rush, but you’re not really pushed to do anything to change your life. You’re not pushed to action.

As you probably already know, the world doesn’t care about your feelings. It doesn’t give a damn about your intentions or what you could have done or should have done or would have done. Instead, it only pays attention to what you choose to do.

Actions are real. And unfortunately, when you daydream all the time without taking any action, you are just thinking up of all these alternative realities for their emotional payload. You’re using them as a form of escape.

Thankfully, there is one thing you can do that would enable you to pack so much more value in your daydreams, and by doing this one thing, you can use your daydreams to push you closer and closer to that life you desire.

Do you find yourself planning and setting goals, but at the back of your mind you are feeling doubtful? Do you feel that you are making all these plans and setting all these goals, but you have this creeping feeling that you’re just wasting your time?

Well, this idea enters your mind because Whatever it is that you’re hoping for, whatever dreams that you want to achieve for yourself, they’re already somebody else’s property.

This is actually quite a common mindset because people give themselves all sorts of excuses not to try hard. Believe me, this is mental cancer that, if not quickly identified and dealt with, will continue to grow and rob you of the focus and willpower you need to achieve much of anything in your life.

You would feel that you’re just basically drifting from one “hot idea” to another, but you are unable to get anything done because in the back of your mind you are sabotaging yourself by believing that the best things in life are already taken by other people.

Another way to rephrase this takes the popular form of “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” This is a very damaging mindset that really saps you of your personal power to reshape and redirect your personal reality through effective goal setting and goal achievement.

Thankfully, there is one simple solution that can free you from this toxic idea. The more you do what I’m going to teach you, the more you will get out from under the self-sabotage and undermining effects of believing that the best things in life are already taken by other people.



Even if you truly believe that you do have a shot in life and you can take things into your own hands and make things happen, you can still end up sabotaging and undermining the quality of your achievements. If you, for some reason, start believing that your best days are behind you, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being more than happy to cut corners or settle for less than the best.

It’s easy to do this because you feel that your best work, your best accomplishments, and the crowning achievements of your life are well behind you. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking that you’re just going through the motions. Whatever you do today and tomorrow will never ever come close to what you did in the past.

This begs the question, why try so hard? Why sacrifice? Why stick to really high standards? You know that they won’t even come close to meeting what you’ve done in the past. Do you see how this works?

It’s very easy to fall into this pattern. It’s very easy to become mentally lazy by allowing ourselves to feel inferior by comparing ourselves to our imagined past selves. If you’re really honest with yourself, a lot of the things you did in the past could stand some improvement.

I know it sounds crazy because these are, after all, your best achievements. But there’s always room for improvement. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. There’s no such thing as perfect.

But unfortunately, the more you believe that the past is, somehow, someway, perfect, then you’re just sabotaging your future. You’re holding it up to an impossible standard, and robbing yourself of the willpower you need to actually achieve better things than in the past.

Thankfully, there is one thing you can do that will shake your focus enough so that you’re not fixated on the past. Instead, by doing this one thing, you can start developing a healthier relationship with your perception of your past achievements.

Instead of your past holding you back and dragging you down from doing what you need to do today to achieve greater heights in your career, your relationships, or your personal life, your past can actually push you forward. And you only need to do one thing.


or anticipated a certain event and when it came to pass you were less than thrilled?

Now, you probably already know that you can only experience these things so many times for you to just lose hope. Well, you’re not alone. After all, you can only let somebody down so many times until they start becoming disenchanted, jaded, and even cynical.

When people experience so much disappointment, they let go of looking forward to anything. Now, don’t get me wrong. They still put on their pants in the morning, they still take a shower, and they still live their lives. It’s not like they become suicidal just to end it all. No. They still do their thing.

But the problem is, they’re no longer looking forward to anything. They feel that their life is just a routine. They’re just going through the motions, they’re entering yet another entry into the checklist of their life until it’s time to check out. What happened here is that these people let their past disappointments define their present, which poisons their future.

Thankfully, by doing one simple thing, you can start looking forward to new things. You can start getting excited by new opportunities and your ability to make those opportunities happen.

This one tip is so simple that it’s basically staring everybody right in their faces. But most people refuse to recognize this solution and they continue to suffer. They refuse to look forward to anything because, in the back of their minds, they’re afraid that they will be disappointed, let down, or even betrayed again.

What if I told you that human beings are learning creatures? It’s hardwired into our DNA. That’s the reason why you are a human being. Humans have this innate ability, and this ensures our survival. Unfortunately, survival is one thing, and thriving is another.

For the most part, it’s too easy for people to just learn barely enough to get going. This really is too bad because if you tap into your inborn sense of curiosity, you become more fulfilled. Life opens up to you. You get rewarded more, and most importantly, you feel like you’re doing something meaningful with your life.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few disappointments, letdowns, and a couple of personal disasters for us to crawl into our emotional shells. While we do understand that life is full of lessons and there’s a lot of stuff to discover, explore, and learn about, we’d rather not. In our heads, we’ve just dismissed it all because hey, it all leads to disappointment anyway, so why even try?

This can easily poison your mental processes to the point where you start living in a mental prison.

Thankfully, there is one technique that enables you to get out from under this crushing mental habit. And it is a habit. Your reward is you don’t have to try.

Your reward is you don’t have to run the risk of getting disappointed, so you go through the motions again and again, and you get less and less interested in tapping your natural sense of curiosity and adventure. You are less likely to try and, as a result, you’re less likely to be successful. But hey, at least you don’t get to try. At least you don’t get to make a fool out of yourself.

There is a simple solution to this, and it’s so simple that it might even blow your mind.


Do you find yourself saying these phrases a lot? “I don’t have money,” “I can’t afford that,” and “That is too expensive for me.”

When you say these things, you are declaring reality. You are giving a statement that, in your mind, sums up your financial state. You are essentially defining yourself as somebody who is unable to afford whatever it is you’re thinking about or looking at. You’re basically saying that this item is out of your personal possibility. It’s just not going to happen.

This can easily become a habit because if you start seeing the price tag behind a lot of things that you run into in your life, you start going back to this statement. You start looking at how expensive things are and the “fact” that you don’t have the money to afford them.

You keep saying to yourself, “I don’t have the money. I can’t afford that. There’s no way I can achieve that.” And each time you say these things, either out loud or mentally, you emotionally hardwire yourself and program yourself to not afford them.

Compare these by asking yourself, “How can I afford it?” or “What do I need to do to buy that Ferrari?” Instead of a statement of fact regarding what you’re capable of and what your resources are currently when you say these questions, you challenge yourself to change your financial state.

Now, which statements do you think would lead to you actually affording a Ferrari? It should be obvious. When you challenge yourself to figure out how you can afford something, you can get the ball rolling regarding the problem-solving skills you need to have to change your reality.

Right now, there’s no Ferrari in your garage, but if you keep asking yourself, “How can I buy a Ferrari?” or “What do I need to do to afford a Ferrari?” eventually, your mind’s gears start cranking and you start supplying the answers. Now, they may not all be awesome answers, many of them might fail, but if you keep this up and you keep taking action on the answers, eventually you will get there.

Believe me, a lot of people who have Ferraris in their garages are not necessarily super-geniuses. They’re not necessarily better than you. Instead, they just asked themselves the right questions over and over again.


Now, unfortunately, a lot of supposedly “smart people” just tell themselves, “I don’t have the money.” And that’s why they stay there. It would be great if they just stayed there and are perfectly content, but no. They want the Ferrari and they’re discouraged by the fact that regardless of what they do and how smart they are, they can’t seem to get the rewards they want.

Thankfully, there is one thing you can do that would enable you to stop worrying about how expensive things are. Instead, by focusing on this one thing, you actually position yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to afford more stuff in life.

Let’s get real here. On any given day, we are presented with a tremendous amount of opportunities. There are always new things to try, there are always new adventures to embark on, and there are always new people to meet.

Finding opportunities is not a problem. In fact, they come to us, believe it or not. Now, you may choose to blind yourself to them so it would seem that they don’t exist, but they’re all over the place.

The problem is, when we encounter opportunities for new experiences, a lot of people would automatically ask, “What will it cost? What will it take out of me? What do I stand to lose?”

If you’re always focusing on how much a new experience will cost, you’re focusing on the loss instead of what you stand to gain. You start distrusting new experiences. You start equating them with you losing something.

This can be very crippling. You can reach a point where you don’t want to deal with opportunities because there’s always a cost. You instead want to focus on the tried and proven. In the back of your mind, you’re not losing anything. But you are. This is called an opportunity cost.

If you were to spend one hour of your time doing something that pays $5, you might be thinking that $5 is awesome. But what if I told you that you could have chosen another opportunity to invest that one hour in something that paid $1,000? That is the real cost of your conscious decision to stick with the $5 activity.

This applies across the board. New experiences are not equal. Some experiences really take your life to the next level, other experiences are not so valuable, but you won’t be in a position to know that because you’re always focusing on the cost. You’re giving yourself excuses after excuse not to try.



What do you need to do to reboot your life? Actually, the answer is staring you in the face. Check around you. Look internally, and see what’s going on in your life. Your life is full of clutter if the 10 Signals above apply to you.

Make no mistake, clutter is not just physical. It doesn’t just take the form of stuff you bought and never got to use or stuff that is filling up your home. It is more than things that you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear.

Clutter can be emotional or psychological. You can be hanging on to toxic ideas that hold you back and drag you down. You can be letting your past rob you of present joy or at least the willpower to become a more effective person today.

Clutter can also take the form of ideas that don’t really serve you. If anything, they poison your self-esteem, your relationships with other people, and most importantly, your perception of your ability to change certain things in your life.

No matter what form it takes, clutter always leads to the same place. A sense of being trapped in your life.

If you learn how to declutter your life, you can become a more effective person. If you learn to take care of clutter the right way, you can reach a point where, when you decide on a goal or a dream, it actually becomes true. You will be able to fill your life with achievement and feel that you are living life to the fullest. You would be able to live a life of meaning, purpose, and value.

Unfortunately, you can’t tackle this process by jumping in with both feet. That is a surefire recipe for disaster. It really is. You can’t be impulsive about this. There is a right way and a wrong way to declutter.

I’ve come across a lot of people who are convinced that decluttering causes more harm than good. When I ask them follow up questions, it turns out that they didn’t really declutter their life because they went about it the wrong way.