Print On Demand Playbook (Learn to Publish a Book)


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Ready To Finally Get That Book Published?

Publish a Book:Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Turn Your Digital Content Into a High Value Book and DVD! In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use Createspace and Kunaki To Create Hot Selling Physical Products.

You may be a talented and competent, author but cannot find a large publishing house that will even consider your book proposal, let alone give you a contract.

You know you possess knowledge and expertise in your field you just cannot get it into print! Fortunately, you now have the option of self-publishing your book–an option that has only existed in recent years.

There are companies that work with you to enable you to publish your book through their services and make it professional grade quality at a fraction of the price that it would cost you if you went the traditional publishing route for your book. These providers take what you give them, and, typically, create a PDF file of it, which can be sent with an email, saved onto any form of memory storage media, downloaded onto your website, etc.

This is several times more convenient than traditional publishing efforts, and at a very small fraction of the price. Self-publishing software is easy to use, and has been designed to be used by a person with little or no knowledge of computers, the internet, and the self-publishing process.

An author can become proficient at using the program and start writing in a matter of hours. Thus, in just a short period of time, you can have the necessary tools to write that book that you have been wanting to write but have lacked the tools to do so prior to now.

This also is Print On Demand but in the rapidly increasing growth of product printing.