Home School Strategies, program for your child


In this free report you will get ten tips you can follow that will allow you to home school without losing your marbles.


Regardless of your reasons for wanting to home school,

One of the questions that is probably burning in your mind is:
Do I have what it takes to be an effective teacher?
Will your children buckle down and get the work done? Can you
get rid of the distractions in their lives so they can learn and focus
more easily? How do you separate family time from school time
so it’s well balanced?
And how will you still find time to complete your own personal
tasks each day while still being available to your child?

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is to be a parent
first and an educator second. Your kids are going to need Mom or
Dad to love them, listen to them, and play with them.

Yes, you can do these things while they’re learning once you get
the hang of things, but have those as your priorities, especially
when you’re just starting out. That doesn’t mean school isn’t as
important, but it does mean they need to realize that first of all,
you’re Mom or Dad (or Grandma, Grandpa, whatever the case
may be .

Topics covered in Home School Strategies

  • Create a Reasonable Plan
  • Establish a Daily Routine
  • Assign a Dedicated Learning Space
  • Prepare Your Learning Tools
  • Take Breaks
  • Social Interaction
  • Get Them Moving
  • Use Manipulatives
  • Include Their Interests
  • Take the Class Outside