Facebook Groups


The internet has changed everything. Like all monumental changes, the
massive social upheaval caused by the web is barely discernible today.
However, what we take for granted today was both unimaginable and
unheard of just a short time ago.

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A beginners guide to creating and running  Facebook Groups

In this book, we’re going to examine one facet of information technology –
a Facebook group. Specifically, we’re going to explore how to create and
manage a Facebook group from the perspective of an absolute beginner.
To begin with, we’re going to look at what a Facebook group is and why
Facebook groups are an important way to connect and promote your
business, your brand or just about anything.

Next, we’ll take a look at the specific steps that you need to take to start
a Facebook group. You’ll learn how to decide who the group is for so that
you can tighten the focus for your reach for even greater connectivity.
You’ll learn how to utilize the Facebook dashboard to do the actual group
creation. You’ll also learn how to customize your group by adding specific
details and creating a look that’s yours and yours alone.

Once your group has been created, we’ll turn our attention to promotion.
You’ll learn how to utilize a Facebook fan page and Facebook advertising
to draw an audience to your group. We’ll show you how to cross-promote
your group in other Facebook groups with similar interests. You’ll also
learn how to attract people with influence to your group, promote your
group on other social media platforms and the secret of using gated
content to attract members.

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