Free EBook “Lancashire Dialect Dictionary”


A Dictionary of Lancashire Dialect.


The Lancashire Dialect (In this Free ebook)or (colloquially, Lanky) refers to the vernacular spoken in the county of Lancashire.


Do You Know these Lancashire dialect words?

barmcake/oven bottom – bread roll

barmpot – silly fool

brew – a cup of tea

cack-handed – not skilful/practical

cakehole – mouth

charlie – a fool

chuffed – very pleased

Dither – refers to shivering or trembling

Do or doo – party, event, fight;

Fettle – fix something

Gab – means talk (usually too much)

How do – Hello

Kecks – trousers

Lass – young female

Oreet – used when greeting someone

Reet gradely – very good

Sken – to look

Ta rah – goodbye

Use yer loaf – Use your intelligence

Yonder – over there – some distance away


Lanky Poems

A Broken Saw

When rogues fall out, our fathers said,
True men come by their own.
That proverb’s now, by fact quite dead
Against it, overthrown.
Lo, North and South the sword have drawn,
And meet with bayonets crossed;
Our supply of cotton’s gone,
Our weavers’ living lost.


When shall we hear of peace and rest,
Of happy homes – of no [distress] ;
Of pleasant hearths – of joy serene,
Where smiling faces oft have been?
When shall we hear the church-bell toll
Comfort and joy to every soul?
Oh! when the bloodless flag unfurl,
The tyrant’s blackest vengeance hurl?
Enough of blood and gore’s been shed
To [startle] , ay, the entombed dead!
Enough of folly, strife, and loss,
All for ambition, mean and dross.
Satanic fiends now reign supreme,
Upon this land they pour their spleen;
When, righteous God, shall peace return
For us who now in sorrow mourn?
Oh God, arise, confound them all,
And [make] their warlike projects fall;
Embalm their hearts with peace and love,
Send them Thy spirit from above.
Around Thy holy throne above
No troubles are, but all is love;
[Crime] is unknown, and death’s no power
To rule o’er thee in thine own hour.
Seraphic angels, bring us peace,
And this inhuman struggle cease;
Once more our hearts in comfort bless,
Fill our sad minds with happiness.
Oh heavenly FatherGod of all,
Listen to our humble call;
Sinful we are, but do not cease
To hear our prayers, to send us peace.
Almighty God, in mercy grant
Satisfaction to our natural wants;
These dark clouds which o’er us [lour]
Dispel with Thy Almighty power.
Ashton, August 21st, 1863.


Sithi Ere 


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