PLR products – Common Misconceptions

PLR products are rubbish.

Contrary to the common opinion that PLR is rubbish and overused, there is a lot of great information to be had out there. However, not all of this information is accurate. Make sure to read the product description and licencing terms carefully. Do your homework and if used properly, then PLR can help you build your business niche. You will never be short of interesting content for your website, Newsletter or Blog. Most of the time, the prejudice towards PLR  stems from expecting to get rich overnight and it just doesn’t happen. You need to put in hours of hard work to see success.
Using PLR is a great time-saver and can really help you grow your niche quickly. It can help you build your brand, sell affiliate products and sell your own stuff.

Duplicate Content Will Incur the Wrath of Google.

Duplicate PLR content is not penalised by Google. They only penalise it if it is done solely to manipulate search engines. The use of the same content on multiple blogs does not incur Google’s wrath. You won’t be penalised if you publish posts with high-quality content and avoid bad SEO practices like keyword stuffing.

Using PLR constitutes plagiarism and is unethical

Private label rights content is perfectly ethical and legal to use as long as the terms of the PLR licence are followed. There is a widespread misconception in this community that multiple people using the same content constitutes plagiarism. It isn’t. This is exactly how PLR was intended to be used. You are purchasing the right to use the content. Just make sure that the PLR vendor is creating original content and not plagiarising from elsewhere. In general, if you stick to reputable PLR vendors, this should not be a problem.

You pay more you get better quality

The fact that a PLR bundle is more expensive does not imply that the content is better. The question is would you prefer low cost with unlimited availability or spend more for limited distribution? Charging more makes it appear that the product is more exclusive yet it may be rubbish content at the same time. Sometimes you can get better quality for free. Price is just determined by the author’s preference and is not a determination of quality.