How to use PLR to grow your business and make money.

Finding suitable original content is a constant headache. Private label rights provide instant content you can use as your own, saving you hours of writing or tons of money in outsourcing. You can use private label content “as is,” or you can customise or repurpose it to fit your needs. You can sell it, give it away to generate leads, post it on your blog, use it to create your own products, and more.


Because the PLR rights vary, always read the licence for each package you buy. Much of the time, you are free to do whatever you want with the content, but most PLR products have restrictions so read the licence very carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages
PLR benefits include:

Instead of coming up with an idea and creating it from scratch, PLR provides you with the idea, the outline, and the foundation to work with.

PLR content is very inexpensive when compared to hiring a writer to do it for you.

You have the option of changing the content. Not only can you, but you must change the content. While PRL content can be posted as is, it is much better if it is rewritten. You can add, delete, rearrange, and revise content if you own PLR rights.

Claim of ownership
Because you’re creating entirely new content, you have the right to put your name on it and claim copyright.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to PLR:

Despite the fact that many PLR suppliers limit the number of licences sold, you’re still purchasing content that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people, own. That is why revising and personalising it is essential.
PLR content is frequently boring and generic. Some of them are poorly written. It’s critical to think of PLR as a framework to which you can add your own flair.
There may be restrictions on how the PLR licence can be used, depending on the licence. For example, you may be unable to provide the content for free (i.e. through your newsletter). Although this is more common in master resale rights (MRR) content, PLR materials may also have limitations. Make sure to read the licence carefully.

How to use your PLR content:

Here are just some ideas of how you can use PLR ebooks, reports and articles:

1 Use PLR to grow your list and gain subscribers. Offer ebooks, reports, or articles as a free giveaway to entice your visitors to join your newsletter also use PLR articles to send follow-up messages.

2. Create new content for your blog or website. Use PLR to consistently provide content on your site or blog and gain loyal followers.

3. Sell ebooks. You own the PLR product and can use them as per the conditions of your licence.. Many PLR products have sales letters and graphics already included in the package. Sell your ebooks as is, or modify them. You can sell them directly from your website, your email list, or your social media.

4. Create online courses. Online classes are very popular! And PLR content can help you create them quickly and easily.

7. Produce reports. A report is typically a short PDF that contains information on a specific topic or subject matter. Make a private label report in your name. The report should be sold. Alternatively, give it away to subscribers. Use it as a free bonus with a paid product. Alternatively, use a single chapter from your book as an incentive to encourage more downloads.

8. Create a number of shorter ebooks. One clever way to charge more for your ebooks is to divide them into multiple shorter books. You can create a series in this manner, with each one encouraging your visitors to read the rest.

9. Create a larger book or package. Do you want to provide even more value than you already do? Then consider combining content from multiple eBooks into a comprehensive package. This way, you can provide someone with a truly comprehensive experience that is worth more than the individual asking price of each book.

10. Create your own information products. Create a one-of-a-kind new product by combining one or more PLR products. Combine several articles to quickly create an ebook. You can create and sell your own information product in just a few hours. There is no simpler way to make products. When you have your own products, you can have affiliates and joint venture partners promote them.

11. Use content to create videos for your blog and video-sharing sites. You can make a slideshow out of an ebook’s content, or you can read it aloud and ‘perform’ the content.

12. Create audio from content. Use Audacity to record PLR content and then sell the MP3 or bundle it with an ebook! You can read the content and turn it into an audiobook or a podcast series.

13. Create tangible products. Make a physical book out of PLR content. Create physical CDs and DVDs using the PLR information. To make physical products, combine audio, video, and text documents.

14. Create Kindle books for Amazon. Create Amazon Kindle books with the PLR content and publish them on Amazon.

15. Create a membership site and generate residual income by utilising high-quality PLR in your niche.

16. Make use of PLR in affiliate marketing. Write PLR blog posts, insert affiliate links, and earn affiliate commissions.