About Me


I’m Jim Bridge the owner of PLRSorted.com and PLRSorted.info.
I’m a retired entrepreneur from the UK and have always had an interest in computers and the internet.
Building websites was originally a hobby of mine but has developed into a passion. In no way am I a professional website builder but I keep going and am always willing to learn.

Before the internet, I had a villa management business in Tenerife for 9 years and before that, I was a market trader. I have always been searching for the golden nugget that will make me appear in Forbes but alas as yet I’m still searching.
Apart from Site building, I am a keen coarse fishing angler. Before my episode in Tenerife, my best fish from 50 years of fishing was a 2lb 2oz Chub. Since I got back from Tenerife some 8 years ago I have had hundreds of Carp over 10lbs.

Anyway, Good Luck with whatever it is your looking for.

Jim Bridge

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